Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope you day is going fine. I want to thank you for stopping by my website and view my story. I hope by the time you finish reading this story you will have made up your mind in donating to my cause. 

I am asking for your donations because I want to build a home. I have tried to save for years, but have not been able to save the amount of money required to build My Own Home. Things like the economy, medical conditions, vet bills (3 dogs and a cat), inflation, vehicle repairs, Credit Is Not An Option, etc, etc, etc. All of the things that get into our pocket have prevented me from being able to save.

But still I have not let the DREAM of owning my own home fall to the wayside. Since the economy has taken a down turn I think property has become more affordable. I am looking at a ½ ac. Home site in the sunny south for $12,500.00. The owner is in no hurry to sell and is willing to wait, and when I come up with the money he will sell it to me.   Well that puts me $12,000.00 away from buying it. This is my first item on my Own My Own Home List.

The 2nd item on my Own My Own Home list is to build a home about 1,200 square feet. If I put some SWEAT EQUITITY into this home and work on things like painting, electrical, plumbing, tile work, I can build my home for about $55.00 per square foot. This turns out to be $66,000.00. So at this point I am $78,000.00 away from my goal.  Now in my area the average cost to build a finished home is $75.00 per square foot not including the property.

As things progress with your help, I will post both photographs, and the amount raised.

 You can Donate any amount you wish to my PAYPAL Account   JoeThe1Mac@gmail.com

I REALLY, REALLY do want to build MY OWN HOME. Please, Please ,Please help me and donate what you can through PAYPAL to my account.

Thank you all and God Bless.      
Joe Mac